How can I draw in all different frames?

I create a 8 frames walking circle.
Then I need change the “R” as you can see on the clothes in all frames, if use “Link cels”, the animation just broken. What should I do? Thx for reply.

Link cels will only make the cels be basically one frame, spread out on multiple frames. So if you edit one you edit them all, but they all also look the same and the pixels are in the same positions across all frames, so it doesn’t work when you want to move them around in the animation. Since your animation is bouncing up and down the only real option is to edit it the way you want on a frame then copy and paste it around on the others.

Thanks for reply, I think Aseprite need a fucntion let me edit the same things in all frames, if there are 100 frames, I can’t copy and paste, the only way is redraw.

There’s just no simple solution to edit something that’s in different places on different frames. Best you can do is link frames where the thing is on the same place and edit it on a new layer above then merge down.

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