How do I figure out which frame a slice is on?

Judging by the API docs, slices don’t have a property representing what frame they’re on. Likewise, frames don’t seem to have a slices property. Am I missing something? Please tell me I’m missing something, because that would be super depressing with the amount of effort I’ve been putting into this script to export a super-efficient JSON file for using slices. :sob:

Slices are for the entire animation, i.e. the slices are themselves animated. There are no per-cel/frame slices, and therefore no way to get that data.

Thanks for the info, @eishiya. I could have sworn that I had seen Aseprite handling slices per frame with the latest version, but I must have been going looney. Maybe this will change with the updates to the slice tool in 1.3. :crossed_fingers:

Then how does one access the animations on a slice in a script? There must be some frame connection, since when changing a slice it can indeed be different on different frames, and when exporting they can have different frame values, but how does one access this from a script?

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