I can't find my projects in Linux

Hi everyone, I have the program installed on POP OS however it still thinks it’s on Windows and doesn’t let me see the projects I save (when trying to save a sprite or png image or whatever somewhere in Linux tells me that it can’t but it doesn’t say why XD ) I try to use images that I make in Aseprite in Construct 3 (echo program to make games) but when looking in Construct for the files created by Aseprite it doesn’t identify them -_- I hope to find understand and any help is greatly appreciated :smiley:

Normally, config files for aseprite live under ${HOME}/.config/aseprite/. Check aseprite.ini to see what’s in there, you may get some indication of where aseprite thinks things are living. In addition, see if you can get aseprite to save your projects to ${HOME}/Pictures/ so you can then see them from the file browser.

In regard to Construct 3, does it support pulling in files that are in aseprite format? I don’t see anything in the manual with a really quick search.
Hope that helps,
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