I can't get themes / skins to work

Hello, I was looking into custom themes for Aseprite and found this official list from Aseprite’s Github. However I only succeeded in installing a single theme, which was michidk’s DarkFlat

When I tried to install the other themes - following their installation instructions - and I activate the theme, Aseprite will not open. It opens a window for a brief moment, then closes. I use the Steam version with the latest update.

I hope you can help. Thank you :slight_smile:

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Hi @Biuer, actually it depends on the Aseprite version that you are using. First of all you will need to locate your user configuration directory: Edit > Preferences > General > Locate Configuration File, this should open your personal configuration folder. Right there is a data folder:

  • For Aseprite v1.1.13, the theme goes inside data/skins folder.
  • For Aseprite v1.2-beta9, the theme goes in data/themes folder.
  • For the future version of Aseprite (v1.2-beta10) this will be simplified, so I’ll update this post when it’s released.

The problem here is that you might be trying to use a theme for an incompatible version of Aseprite. For example, a beta theme (v1.2) doesn’t work for the stable (v1.1.13) and viceversa.

In the specific case of michidk’s DarkFlat, it looks like a theme for v1.1.13, so you might be running Aseprite v1.1.13, in this case. If you want to try the other themes you should switch to the beta version.


Thank you very much! I updated to the newest beta version and they work now. You are an awesome developer and you provide great support :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much @dacap! And also @Biuer for asking! :slight_smile:

I’ve got a related question: In future versions of Aseprite will we be able to change the theme without needing to restart the program?

The thing is, I love the default theme, but one of my computer screens is a bit crazy and it stops working with that default theme when I have too many layers ^^U And sometimes I like to use aseprite in both screens (one for working, the other for references), so I open 2 instances of the program, but this way it seems that I cannot change the theme and have both themes working at the same time one in each instance.

I know, I probably just should throw that crazy thing out the window and buy a normal computer screen, but I fear I don’t have the money for it XD

That will be possible :smile_cat:

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You are the best David, thanks a lot! ^^

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For anyone who may still need help with this, see my post here for a detailed text breakdown on how to change themes.

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