Import numbered files as cels with Windows multi rename convention support

The ability to mass import files that are numbered is currently very convenient. Right now, when renaming multiple files on windows, the numbering convention is : “file(number).type”, ex: “dog(1).png”, “dog(2).png”, “dog(3).png”, etc. It would be really nice if this format was supported by default since its most likely going to be something a lot of people could run into. I’m also not sure if there is an already existing user script that can do this, I haven’t been able to find one myself.

I had an issue similar to this where aseprite could not guess related files, so what I did was I just dragged them all in as individual files, then wrote a script jest merge all tabs Aseprite Scripts Collection - #40 by jest to merge them together into 1 file.

Really the solution is aseprite just shouldn’t guess at all, by dragging in a bunch of files, you the user are already acknowledging they’re related in some way so it should just prompt and ask you how they’re related or if they’re not: Always prompt user to import as animation or as layers like other paint applications · Issue #2648 · aseprite/aseprite · GitHub . I was looking into implementing this but I think it would break a lot of the scripting API among other things.

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Ah well that’s a pretty massive shame :(…
On top of that I guess the script you linked doesn’t seem to work for me, I follow the exact steps given but instead of merging all tabs, a prompt opens saying “select animation data file(json)” with a button to open the file browser(also for some reason the file browser’s name is “animimation tag importer” lol(line 420)).
Am I missing something obvious?

Ohhh WTF, I must have copy and pasted a script I was working on accidentally into it. I think it should work now, sorry.

No worries, thanks for the help :slight_smile: