Incorrect scaling

I’ve noticed that scaling doesn’t seem right. 100% is actually double the actual pixel size.

In other words, if I were to do a screenshot and paste into Photoshop, 1 pixel multiples (so, a 16x16 would appear as 32x32). This is also the case in the 1:1 preview.

A related problem is I want to be able to see my art scaled to 300%, which represents the upscaled resolution in-game. However with this incorrect scaling I have to find a way to scale it to 150%, which doesn’t seem possible.

By default, Aseprite scales the entire application by 200%

You can go into the preferences and change screen scaling to 100%, and then increase UI scaling to 200% to compensate. Your art will then be rendered at 1:1 pixel scale when at 100% zoom.


Thanks I probably would not have realized this. Lots of new stuff to figure out. Big help!

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