Is decrement/increment palette index not working properly? edit: not necessarily!

I only started using this feature recently and quickly became very accustomed to it. However after a period, sometimes a few hours, instead of switching the color it will simply replace the color on the palette with whatever is immediately after or before it, and the only way to get that color back is to “undo” and the only way that I know of to make the function revert is to restart the program, which means I need to redetermine what i was doing and re-enter my tablet settings (also annoying but bearable when not necessary to do repeatedly). today it seems to be going bad after only a minute or so.
I am using version 1.2.21-x64 in windows 7

ohhh beans it is because I have “edit color” turned on. and because i keep re-turning it on every time i restart the program it seems to be going wrong more frequently compared to last week when i was working on things i had already set the palettes for. Well in that case would there be some way of having edit color but without messing with one-key color changing? or a keyboard shortcut for toggling edit color mode like there is for onion skin? i tend to build up the palette as i progress.

Hi there @bimshwel! I suspected that it might be related to the Edit button, glad you’ve figured out. I’ll check if I can quickly fix these commands (and alt+mouse wheel) for Aseprite v1.2.22 when the Palette Edit mode is enabled. About the shortcut, you have the A key by default to switch this mode (F4 is an alternative shortcut that will switch the mode and show the RGB sliders too).

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ah thank you for replying! gosh I press f4 to bring up the color change window all the time and somehow didn’t notice that was lighting up the lock icon but verily i see that it occurs. I couldn’t easily find “palette edit” on the keyboard shortcut list and apparently didn’t think to try typing “palette” or “edit” and assumed it was not in there but yes there it is!