Is it possible to mod this?

Particularly using python.

I was working on a project which requires a ridiculous amount of rotations on different frames.

Is it possible to make a python mod that i can try and program to do this or is it just not compatible with the software. Also any other programming software what would work. It anyone knows it would be extremely helpful as with nearly 70 hours of using aseprite this would help with a lot of things.


If you use BASH, and interact with Aseprite as a commandline application, sure.

Aseprite - Docs - Cli ← Link to CLI

It may not have exactly what you want, but you can mess with the commands and see what they can do!

Actually Aseprite doesn’t have a scripting interface (it has something in JS, but it’s so basic that you almost cannot do nothing with it at the moment). Anyway there are plans to make the API bigger, but I don’t know if it will be big enough to do interactive stuff (e.g. rotation of frames in a timeline range)

I would really love a powerful scripting interface (like the one from Gimp) on Aseprite! :smiley:

Regarding the rotation thing, @Justbusydyin, while the API is getting done, you can use this :wink: