Layer Based Canvas size

Bear with my ignorance but I thought it could be a really nice feature to add if it isn’t already implemented. My Idea is basically to change the canvas size based on layer that way I could make shading a lot easier. Creating a shader inside said layer canvas size and moving transition in background while character foreground only showing its layer canvas size could make shading more easy. Thought it would be a neat idea, how this would work with exporting… well that would be interesting. Any thoughts?

A noise based generator in defined region might work for shader generating in animation. I am guessing that would have to be a plugin though

I don’t understand what you’re describing. How does canvas size relate to shading?

Are you asking for the canvas size to be the same size as the layer size for that frame (i.e. auto-trim?) or something else?

Something like that but in reverse order, maybe canvas defined by custom borders? Passing shaders through based on layers would make it insanely easier.

My bad eishiya, I forgot to mention for animation in shading.