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Hi! I use Aseprite from many months and I have done tons of artworks with it, so I have decided to join the Community on this forum, and to link my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter art profiles, in which every pixel artwork is made entirely with Aseprite, my software of choice for pixelart.
I wish to thank the developers for this fantastic sofware.

(As for the other artworks the 3D ones are made in Blender and Lightwave 3D, the 2D vector drawings in Affinity Designer, the raster images in Affinity Photo or Painter 2020)

Here the links:

Comments about my Aseprite artworks are very welcome

you should at least post some of your artworks with your links op, to get people invested

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Thanks for the advice. Here’s a selection of my artworks:

hey, space 1999!
“any after effects?”
“oh, no, no. i’m fine.”

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