Linux can't double click it to run or create a shortcut of it

I compiled aseprite in my Pop! _The 20.04 LTS with the pre-built package skia library that provides, so the installation was successful, but I can only run it using the terminal and going to the folder with the command “./aseprite” My question is: how to create a shortcut if this is possible (or put it in the application menu)?

Which command do I need to use to work correctly?
and i’m new to linux, so explain better, thanks if anyone can help me!

Edit: The filetype executable of Aseprite on my pc is (application/x-sharedlib)
I tried to solve on this link: - But it doesn’t seems to works
for this link, the desktop file that is shown seems to works but only on terminal.
Here it is my .desktop file ( that works if i put on terminal ./aseprite.desktop ) but i can’t open with nautilus or by just double clicking it.

I did record a gif to explain. ( Idk why i can’t put gif files here but here is a link ):
( the .desktop file is shown on the gif )
Edit: I’m so happy if someone can be helped on this topic