List of small bugs, suggestions and weird things I've found

Here’s a list of small annoying things I’ve found in the last few weeks and don’t really deserve individual posts.

Using 1.2.9 beta and 1.3dev, Windows 10 64, Screen and UI at 100%.

Session date could have some - separators on the date and : separators on the time XD

The textbox hides a part of the text here for some reason.

Every time you restart the software, the layer name column is reset in size.

You can’t manually resize this column.

The symmetry buttons don’t stay down when active.

You can’t use the ‘Fill tool’ on ‘Tiled Mode’ if ‘Stop at Grid’ is active.


About this issue, it looks like your theme is missing some specific theme parts/slices like buttonset_item_normal, buttonset_item_hot, buttonset_item_hot_focused, buttonset_item_focused, buttonset_item_pushed.

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Oh no, I’ll need to add those to the next update! Thanks for spotting this one!

Another super small one I’ve found, when your icons are 32x32, they appear over sized in the status bar:

:thinking: I think a possible fix would be this: 1) if the icon fit the status bar height, it’s drawn in its original size vertically centered, and 2) if the icon is bigger like in this case, the icon is resized to fit the status bar size (the down side is that some quality of the icon could be lost), 3) the theme could have a property about the status bar size (actually it’s automatically calculated depending on thte font height + UI Scale*8 pixels)

May I suggest maybe a 4)Have a different set of icons for the status bar?
I prefer 2 in this case, the result should be “good enough” since this is such a fringe case. ^^


I was about to post this issue: “Every time you restart the software, the layer name column is reset in size.”.
I find it bit annoying.