Loop multiple tags

So my player has a bunch of tags for different animations and some of those animations are broken up into multiple tags. So for example: the player attack is “attack start”, “attack hit”, then “attack recover”. I’d like to be able to loop through all three tags so I can see the attack in motion. I’m aware of the “play all frames” option, but there are other animations before and after the attack, so thats not really a viable solution.

Is there a way to select multiple tags / part of the timeline to loop through only those frames?


I wish to bump this issue because I happen to have the same need…
Thanks in advance!


At the moment I don’t think there is such a feature, but one work around is to simply select all the frames you want to playback and add those to a new single Playback tag encompassing all of the ones you want to use. (easiest shortcut is the default key “F2” to create a loop of the currently selected frames). You can also double click a tag’s highlight to make it the only visible tag, which will ensure it only plays on that tag instead of the others.


You can re-open the hidden tags by double clicking that tag space again.