Major quality of life improvement recommendation

Aseprite currently remembers the last folder you used for your images and palettes, but it uses the same save location for both. It would be very handy if it used separately-remembered locations to allow for custom palettes and images to be in different folders without having to constantly navigate back and forth between folders.

pS. Amazing program. Well worth the price. Can’t wait for tile mapping!


I second this, and would add that it would be nice for Aseprite to also separately remember the last export sprite sheet folder.

I use Save For Web in Photoshop all the time, and it’s really nice that it remembers it remembers where I save PSD files to using Save As separately from remembering where I save website images using Save For Web. For game dev, I save my .aseprite files in a separate location than where I export the final sprite sheets for my game.