Make "Hide Aseprite" (CMD+H) and alikes available on macOS

I use CMD+H a lot to move through my apps. It would be nice if Aseprite could stick to the standard CMD+H behaviour too.

Since 1.1.4 CMD+H is assigned to Show Extras (same as Photoshop). Photoshop has the setting to enable this shortcut or just have the default macOS behaviour, and it prompts this the very first time you open the app (do you want to use CMD+H to view extras or to hide the app?).

My suggestion would be, make Show Extras work with CTRL+H and add macOS menu items and shortcuts to handle this (Hide Aseprite CMD+H, Hide Others CMD+ALT+H…)

I know this could conflict with some (new) features such as slices. Maybe it is fine to control slicing through CTRL instead of CMD? Not sure, but I would like to see what you guys think.

(This might be related as well? Mac OS X Menus & Command key · Issue #135 · aseprite/aseprite · GitHub)

I got the same problem using Aseprite on macOS. The same for ⌘M to minimize the window (which is Color Curve). I’ll take note about this problem and see how to solve it.

The fix will be available in the next version with the macOS native menu bar. Also there is a poll on twitter about this right now :smiley_cat:

Cmd+H and Cmd+M should be working in Aseprite v1.2 (released today)