Multiple Scaling Cuts Off

When grabbing multiple frames and scaling them they will cut off based on the size of the first grabbed frame and it’s position.

Please fix this so I don’t have to put every frame precisely in the same spot so they don’t cut off when multiple resizing.

I’m not sure in which case this is happening?

What exactly are you doing here? What do you mean when you say grabbing multiple frames? Just so I know what’s going on better.

Being able to select multiple frames and then hitting Ctrl+T (Transform) and manually scaling all the frames, is a new feature added not long ago. Well when doing so there’s selection square that looks like the Selection Marquee Tool that appears. All the frames in that selection square will resize (it doesn’t show a square for all the selected frames, only the current selected frame). So the frames that are outside that square (not in the same position as the current frame you’re viewing to do the multiple scaling) will be cut by that square.

Aah I see. Yeah the Transform command really just selects the content of the current layer. It might not be too far off to assume it should work as you propose to be honest. :+1:

If you want to you could tell me what you’re doing and I could see if there’s a better way to go about it. Like are you just resizing certain frames, certain parts of the frames, or are you trying to scale the entire project this way?

I’m resizing all the frames I’m working with (other layers are not visible) and I just hit Ctrl+T and it automatically selects what’s in the frame, in this case a soldier.

In that case I recommend using Sprite -> Sprite Size instead. If you don’t wanna change the canvas size too, you can also just hit Ctrl + A to select the entire canvas then select the frames you want to change and resize by switching to the marquee tool and dragging the corner handle. If you’re doing this to export an animation or something there’s a drop down box in File -> Export to just resize the exported file to make it easier to share.

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Thanks! this works.