Music video made in Aseprite

Brilliant program! I enjoyed working with it a lot! And since I’ll never be capable of creating a game out of my doodles I tried to make a music video out of them.

Everything you see is painted in Aseprite and later edited in Resolve:

If you have any questions about the making of the video feel free to ask.


Well wow. I am very impressed, the art is excellent and the timing to the music is impeccable.
I’m guessing that you are not one of the musicians as well? Well you should offer them this video, it is a very professional job. Kudos!

Thank you! I sure got inspiration and help from watching a lot of other pixel art of course. What I didn’t end up doing as much as i hoped was probably to have some structure in my color palettes.
The timing issues aren’t really that big of a problem once you get used to the video editing software.

Your guessing is actually wrong in the sence that I’m the only musician in the creation of the song. As a matter of fact I got the idea of a robot themed song when I heard of Aseprite. Thought a pixel art video would be the perfect way to illustrate the theme.


Oh cool. ( sorry I thought there were three guys in that group)

That’s so cool!

you animated in resolve?
How long did this music video take you to create?

I did all the sprites and animations in Aseprite, exported them to png-files and then edited the video in Resolve. So all the camera movements and fade transitions are done in Resolve.

I started making the song in january. So I guess the video took just shy of two months.

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