New to the community, a question

First of all greetings to the Aseprite community.
I have a question:
I am doing a lot of fan art and also a lot of original artworks with Aseprite from many months and so I have decided to join this Community.
I wish to know if I can share in a post in the finished artwork section a link to my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter art profiles.
The question is: Since the “free fan art” I do includes references to third party copyrighted content, can I post links to my art profiles here in this forum or is it not allowed by the forum terms of service? Obviously my “fan artworks” are absolutely not used for commercial purposes, but they are my free works made to practice with the software and to bring some joy to the artistic community.
Thanks a lot for the answer

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yes you can, you should put under the artwork tag

Thank you very much for the answer