Opening up an Aseprite file when one is already open will trick you into thinking the file is up to date and cause you to overwrite and lose data

Lost a day worth of work, I blame myself, but here’s the explanation:

If you have an aseprite file already opened but the window is behind other windows and not visible, then the action of trying to open an .asefile file will pop the window up into the foreground and on that tab just like if you opened the file while the program was closed. The problem here is that it does not load up the newest version of the file that you tried to open, rather it just brought it to the foreground.

You got to be really careful when working in a shared folder because someone could make changes, save it, then you open it after they save and make some changes and overwrite everything they did.

It’s really easy to test without a share folder, just get two asprite files (X, Y), open X, delete X file, rename Y to X, open X and it will still show X’s contents despite it really having Y’s contents.

Have you tried looking through the “Recover Files” in the home tab, next tot he aseprite logo? Seems unlikely but worth a try

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