Per layer color indexing

I tend to work in RGB color mode since I often change and add colors as I go. However the downside is that most of the filters and some of the tools are only really effective if you’re working in indexed mode. It would be really handy if layers each had their own indexed modes that could be quickly switched on or off.

For example if I want to use the indexed “drunk” effect on a specific layer using only that layer’s colors I have to;

  1. Open a new instance of the project
  2. Create a palette from the current sprite
  3. Switch to indexed mode
  4. Apply the effect
  5. Copy and paste the modified layer into the other project, making sure the layer names or frames line up.
  6. Delete the old layer

It would be convenient if I could just do

  1. Right click layer, click “use layer’s palette”
  2. Apply the effect.

In general I find working with a set palette and modifying it to be time consuming (which is a subjective thing based on how I work), but it would be nice to have some other options.