Performance / CPU issues

I’m having a weird issue with aseprite. Basically I have an 800-frame project at 70x50 with 10 layers. That sounds big but it’s actually what I need. There’s a bunch of shared cels and stuff.

When I first load this file, it runs fine and everything is great. But after about 5-10 minutes of editing, performance is awful and CPU is maxing out one core, even when aseprite is sitting there doing nothing. It’s disruptive because I can no longer draw because performance is so slow it’s impossible to physically draw what you want. Even opening the File menu seems to be running at around 5fps.

I’m aware of the “Simple Crosshair” cursor setting and I have turned it on but it’s only papering over the issue and it’s still very hard to draw correctly.

I’ve tried creating a sample file of the same size and length but it just doesn’t seem to happen unless I’m actually trying to work for real. I’m not sure what’s causing it. If it comes down to it I can send the file privately to see if anything can be uncovered.

Any idea what to do?

oh snap, I’ve just figured out what it is. Bug filed.

Thanks for reporting this @brokenbeta, the fix will be available in the next v1.2 version. I’ll close this thread when the release is finally available for customers.

This fix is included in Aseprite v1.2 (released today)