Performance slow v1.3 beta11 "steam"

my software suddenly become all slow, when I open file or layer or edit all it takes 5 seconds+
when I export it take also time almost every click it need to take few seconds.

do I need to remove and install it.
or is there other solution


video :

Do you have a tablet? Are you using the tablet, or something else when this happens? Does restarting Aseprite help at all? In other words, could this be the same issue as here? Massive Drawing Lag in v1.3-beta3 - #17 by Hepari00

the drawing is fine, but the whole software is lag
anything I click like file or edit or right click on layers all of it takes times
yesterday was totally fine but today its starting like that.

not sure how it fixed… but its back to normal. I update my Nvidia drive + restart couple of time now all is ok .

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