Problem exporting sub-group layer


I want to export group ‘Default’, but it --layer "Main/Default" does not work, if i reorganize the aseprite file so that Default is not imbedded in Main and call --layer "Default" then it works. I dont undertsand ;(

Yeah I’m not entirely sure you can access sub-layers currently, but I’m not sure if that has been addressed yet or not.

Hi @Rockname, could you please check if using --layer "/Main/Default" works?

Tried, does not work.

Are you using Aseprite v1.2.15? Other option you could give a try is --layer "Main/Default/*" (there are some tests about this and I think * should work)

Using latest Aseprite (v1.2.15) and I tried --layer "Main/Default/*" and --layer "*" and --layer "Main/*" and --layer "/*" none of them work, the only working one atm is --layer "Main/Default"

Sorry I’m a little confused now :sweat_smile: in your first post you said:

But then

To understand the issue best, could you please specify what is the full list of layers, what is the CLI you are using, what is the output you’re getting, and what do you expect?

I’m not sure if you want to export the “Default” group but if it should be inside Main or not, and if the group is being exported correctly (with all layers), or if you want to split all layers inside the Default group (or just render the Default group as a whole).

Missclick i meant the only one working is --layer "Main"',and my intention is to be able to just export “Main/Default” or “Main/Orc-Skin” or “Main/PurpleGuySkin”. With all children of Default rendered as a whole. Here is my code:

Where _arguments is respective.

I was limited to one image per post so …

Using Aseprite version 1.2.15 still and layout looks like this:

@Rockname are you exporting to a sprite sheet (-sheet) or to a sequence of png files (-save-as ...png) or a gif (-save-as ...gif)? Because I don’t see the full CLI used (could I have a copy of the full command line that you are using?)

Just for reference, a month ago we fixed some issues with this, there are some tests and discussion about this here: CLI --save-as renders hidden layers when exporting a group · Issue #2084 · aseprite/aseprite · GitHub

@dacap Ofcourse, here is the code. _extraArguments would be for example --layer "Main" and is added to the end of it all.