Problem with export

Hi, I’m using Aseprite for a few months now, and it’s really great.
But today an error occured while exporting

I’ve already tried reinstalling but that didn’t solve the problem.
Thanks in advance
(and sorry for my English ;P)

Hi @Zaxomik, did you use File > Export option? In the “Output File” field remember to choose a correct file name:


Or if you write “Pixelart” add an extension like “Pixelart.png”. Anyway I recommend you to save your work using File > Save, and then export it to other formats using File > Export.

Oh, Thanks! How could I miss that?
I’ve always exported in .gif format, propably a missclick or something.
Thanks once more and sorry for taking your time on such small thing :smiley:

No problem! Actually the error message is useless, it doesn’t tell you nothing about how to solve it. I’ll take note about this to see how to fix that message/improve feedback in this case.