Program crashes when attempting to apply WinTab in preferences

I am running Aseprite 1.3-beta21-x64 on Widows 10 Home Version 21H2 OS build 19044.1889 and using a Huion INSPIROY H610PRO V2 running firmware version T184_190313. I just got the newest version of the Beta and have found it has been difficult to get my tablet pen to function as I had on my previous, outdated version (I can no longer recall what version it was). For context I have an art tablet and pen, which has three functions (drawing as normal which functions as a normal left mouse interaction, one button mapped to middle mouse input to be able to drag the screen around, and a second button mapped to right mouse input to apply the background colour). As I have narrowed down the issue it seems that Aseprite does not function as expected when “Enable Windows Ink” is turned on in my tablet’s driver settings, as turning it off fixes the issue. When turned on it causes the first button (middle mouse input) on my pen to shift the screen to a seemingly random position before then “grabbing” it and allowing me to move it from that position and the second button (right mouse input) on my pen to either do nothing, create a line with my background colour from a position I cannot see off-screen to the current location of my cursor before then functionign normal until the button is release and repeating every time the button is pressed again, or opening a new instance of Aseprite to that will only close when that window of aseprite is the active window (even when the window is closed from the taskbar, causing it to close as soon as it is selected as the active window). Turning it off removes functionality from my tablet and pen that I wish to keep (the ability to scroll through pages and windows by dragging with the pen for example). An internet search suggested going to Preferences > Tablet and switching “Windows 8/10 Pointer API (Windows Ink)” off, which I believe will solve my dilemma. However this is not possible as checking either of the other boxes (“Wintab” or “Wintab (direct packet processing)”) and selecting “Apply” causes the app to crash. Is there a solution I am missing and this is a case of operator error or is this a legitimate bug on the program’s behalf, and regardless of which how do I fix it?