Proposal — External tilesets using just .ase files

Not really. Keeping things as simple as it could be is better principle.

Photoshop can use whatever it wants. It is not the problem of Aseprite, only a reason for confusion of less technical users. If tomorrow Photoshop will add new existing extension for its own needs it does not mean everyone around should bow to it. I didn’t even know that Photoshop use .ase extension. My old version of Photoshop never wanted it.

them whats the worry about support?, code another extension is RELLY easy even i did once thought it was on c#

It’s fake simplicity. You aren not software developer yourself, isn’t it?

When you add something you’ll have to support ALL implications of it. A new extension and you’ll have to worry about loading all of them and showing all of them everywhere. A new format and you’ll have to worry about loading it, saving it, converting it, adapting it to Indexed/RGB/Grayscale/etc. which is already implemented in .ase format, so doubling the efforts, doubling bugs, doubling time to develop all this. So that is not “just another extension” or “just custom format”.

yes i relly aint dunno about yourself but using .ase for both works and tiles is messy, now we could just rename .ase and leave the actual save file of a work in .aseprite but ithink they are both the same just with different aliases

If developers will decide to save single tileset to single .ase file (with all the power of possible baking) then they could also think about adding new pseudo-extension like .asetiles.

But if they will take approach with referencing internal tilesets of external .ase file then it will be unnecessary. And much less powerful.

Also you can always name your files in a way to know if it’s tiles file.

ok i quit, i cannot undestand whats happening here nor what the benefits of the system you proposing, its 3am my brain is at 10% capacity, ill come back tommorrow and hopefully onde of the developers would give a definitive answer.

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