Question about steam

Because of some reasons, I can’t use my steam account anymore.
But I bought the Aseprite on steam.
So, there is any way can let me use it without steam?

No one knows?
I need buy a new one?

What reasons exactly? You can send to @dacap your Steam account name and some proofs for him to check it’s really yours.

I still can use steam now, I can gives some proofs what Aseprite team need.
but my network will ban the steam, so, I just want to find a way let me continue use Aseprite and auto-update without steam.

Hi @CLAIR_DE_LUNE, how is that your network will ban Steam? Is that your workplace network? or your personal network? Or is it the ISP? Please check this post to make a backup of your current Aseprite version just in case.

Contact us to with all the information and if there is a public statement about the ISP blocking Steam.

I send a email to Aseprite Support
Gaspar Capello told me that if I already have a Steam key I cannot get other non-Steam key. I must use steam update Aseprite.
So, if I want a Aseprite only running in Windows/MacOS without any other app like Steam, I need pay $19.9 to get a no-steam Version.
Am I right?

@CLAIR_DE_LUNE If you’ve purchased Aseprite through Steam, you will need Steam to install Aseprite. Anyway Aseprite is DRM-free, so you can copy the local files and “create” a portable version and run Aseprite.exe directly without even starting Steam (or just creating a direct access to the Aseprite.exe file will work, there is no need to run Steam to run Aseprite).

There is more information in this post: About standalone DRM free version and keys for Steam users :: Aseprite General Discussion

In case that you want to install Aseprite without Steam (i.e. access to the .exe installer, .zip, .dmg, .deb files etc.) You will need to purchase Aseprite from the website.

Ok, the last question, install Aseprite without STEAM(i.e. access to the .exe installer, .zip, .dmg, .deb files etc.) ,is it can auto-update? or I need downlond new version by myself?

The auto-update mechanism in only provided by Steam at the moment. So if you install Aseprite from the installer or .zip etc. each time a new update is released you have to download it from the website.

We’re thinking in a possible future way to auto-update the program. But it will take some time.

I think the DRM license key is useless, for example, the sublime text(a coding application) will check the lincese when running,if you don’t have lincese, some functions is not avaliable, but there are many ways to deceive lincese checking.

Maybe require account login is better, when people need update, they definitely can use internet, so they can login their account, the lincese information of account saves in Aseprite server, if someone bought a key, he is allowed to update.

But I think the simplest way is release to Microsoft store and Apple store.

This idea would be awesome. Maybe this could open the door to export to Aseprite forums directly or to Twitter/Instagram/Facebook by linking your Aseprite account with social media :stuck_out_tongue:

All tools should work offline. Online is evil.

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