Req: Mouse wheel - change frame within tag

The “Go To Next frame with same tag” Command is really neat. I would love to see something similar added to the Change Frame action for the Mouse Wheel!

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Personally, I’d preferably like everything in the keyboard shortcuts to be bindable to any mouse action. I don’t know if there are any unique issues with binding to the mouse somehow though.


I’d like that too. However, there currently is only a keyboard action for “next frame with same tag” not “previous…”. So even if the keyboard shortcuts were bindable to the mouse there’d still be one function missing for it to work as the Change Frame does at the moment.

I really like using ctrl+ mousewheel to scroll through my frames, but I think about this feature everytime I scroll past my tag.

Lets hope for a way to bind all keyboard shortcuts to mouse inputs though =)

There’s definitely a previous keybind. ^^ But that doesn’t really solve anything at the moment either.

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I can’t believe I missed that :S