Resize greater than 1000% in 'Save Copy As' dialogue



I would like to speed up my workflow by adding an option to ‘Save A Copy’ at 2000% (or even higher). Is this possible? It is currently limited to 1000% max.

I am working on a animated comic for YouTube, and I have to continually go to the menu:
Sprite => Sprite Size => Percentage and change it to 2000%.

Then, I have to go through the whole ‘Save A Copy’ dialogue. After that, I need to resize my sprite back to its regular size.


I’ll try to add more options in the next release. At the moment, if you are on a hurry, you can edit your local copy of aseprite/data/widgets/file_selector_extras.xml file:

As the actual implementation resizes images/pixels, it uses a lot of memory and might crash the program if you have a lot of frames+2000% resizes. In a future I’d like to re-implement this without resizing the images (issue related to this and this).


This is perfect. Thank you. I’ll edit my xml file.


This has changed in new releases. If someone is having this problem, the file to edit has changed to: export_file.xml