Russian Language - Русификатор Aseprite


[RU] Русский язык Aseprite для версии 1.2.9
Содержит файлы русификации и шрифты с добавленной кириллицей
Переведены все пункты файла *.ini

[EN] Aseprite Russian language for version 1.2.9
Contains russification files and fonts with added Cyrillic alphabet
All the items in the * .ini file are translated.

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Thanks for this. I see that you’re using my old Aseprite font with the Cyrillic script chars. I never find the time to complete that font (or to improve bitmap fonts to support several Unicode ranges). Sometime in the future I hope to restore back those characters. (The font is useful only if you’re going to use it with Russian, because there are a lot of missing Unicode characters in between :sob:)


Hi David! The font was sent to me by friends and said that it was from an earlier version of the program. I could also make a pixel font myself (I make fonts in the Font Creator program), but time is not enough.
Thanks for the program, many of my friends like it very much!


That’s right. You don’t have to worry to create a new one, this one is fine (but I cannot distribute it in the official version at the moment because it hides a lot incomplete Unicode characters).


I think with time we can create a graphic font, but we need a table of all the characters. Where can we get a character table to draw a font?
I think there are many talented artists on the forum of the community! Maybe community members will help us if I post a request for help on the forum?