Saved/Exported image not saving properly - pixel errors


I just made my first pixel art – and when i save / try to export it, the picture shows up as being small, as well as having white pixel spots when there is absolutely no white pixels in the art. What is the cause of this?

Thank you


The picture will be as small as you drew it. If you want to export it pre-zoomed, set the Scale to something above 100% in the Export options.

I do not see any white pixels in the image you posted.

I think what might be happening here is that you drew this sprite without a background, and the gray squares in Aseprite’s background blended in with the armor color, which hid the transparent spots that you see when exporting and viewing against a white background.

I tried opening your sprite myself to see what you might be seeing, and yeah :stuck_out_tongue:

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