Saving at %s above 400 won't work

I’d like to use my exports in larger video resolutions but when I try to multiply the export by anything above 400 it gives me an error. I’m running 1.2.8. Maybe this is fixed in the new version but I haven’t got around to updating

What is the error you’re getting?

How large is image you’re trying to export? It’s possible your machine doesn’t have enough RAM to enlarge the file because it’s too large. AFAIK Aseprite currently makes large exports by making the entire file larger, layers and all, which isn’t very memory-efficient.

I was afraid thats what it might be. I have 8 gigs on this. I don’t remember specifically i just go up a percent until it gives me the error whenever i go to do the final export. rn i want to get a video thats at least 1920 x 1080 so i can cut it with my other video thats the same resolution. So i start with around 320 x 180 and then multiply it from there to try to make it big enough. So i need at least 600%. But like i said i can’t render that high of a percent.

Do you have another image editor you could use to resize a 1x export? Or, does your video editor perhaps support scaling images up with Nearest Neighbor sampling?

Something else you could try, if it is due to the layers, is to export a PNG of your image at 1x, open that in Aseprite, and try exporting that at 6x. Perhaps a flat file would work since it would require less memory.

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