[SCRIPT] FastBit color picker

After tinkering with code for days, and at times bashing my head against the keyboard in an effort to make said code work, I am proud to present:

===> FastBit! <===
A bit based color picker

What can this tool do?
It can force bit depth for each color channel to mimic the lower color depths of older systems.

How does it work?
Start by selecting your bit depths.

Then, you can either manually pick a color with the sliders and set it to the foreground or background colors with the “Set FG Color” or “Set BG Color” buttons respectively.

Or, you can get your FG or BG color straight from the native color picker with the “Get FG Color” and “Get BG Color” buttons, and then edit it.

The best part is, if you edit a color, then set it to a FG or BG color, FastBit automatically sets any palette entries that match that color for you.

No more math to figure out the levels of each channel in a 15 bit colorspace! Just set your depth, and edit away!

Where do I get it?
On GitHub, here.

Just click download, unzip it, and drop it into your scripts folder.

Q: Why can’t I see my color swatch changing when I move my color sliders?
A: Because Aseprite doesn’t update scripts constantly, you have to hit “Update Swatch.”

Q: Why did my swatch disappear? It now says “No color.”
A: It’s a quirk of Aseprite. In ‘sort mode’ you can rearrange swatches, as well as drag them away to clear them. Merely hit the ‘update swatch’ button and it will come back.

I’m open for suggestions on how I can make it better, and of course to fix any bugs.

I have some ideas for which direction I want to take it, some changes that need to be made, and I need to make a README, but it works for now, so I’m releasing it into the world wild web. lol.

[EDIT] Oh, yeah! Forgot something.