Select Tool Persisting, Disallowing Other Tools

Steam, v.1.2.31

Hi all! Ever since the recent update (should be the one from this morning 1/12/2022), I am seeing some behavior where after I’m done selecting an area, moving it, deleting it, etc., the select tool persists. Usually my workflow is clicking off of the selected area to deselect it and move on to the next task, but clicking off brings up a 1 pixel selected area where I clicked. Using a hotkey to select a different tool such as the Pencil or the Paint Bucket does not let you act with that tool either.

2022-01-12 09-01-17

I’m completely at a loss and can’t create with Aseprite right now :worried: Please, someone let me know if this is a bug or if I’m crazy!

Hi @sun2, I’ll check this issue, are you using a stylus/pen?

Meanwhile, you can use Ctrl+D (or Esc key) to deselect.

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Thanks for the quick reply. I am using Mouse/Keyboard, and I forgot to mention Windows 10. I’m unable to check right now if Ctrl+D or Esc works to deselect, I’ll update this thread in a few hours if it doesn’t work either.

If you click off off-canvas, that’ll deselect. Clicking anywhere on the canvas will select that pixel. Otherwise, you’ll need to use Ctrl+D or Esc as dacap suggested.

TBH I wonder if the current behaviour of selecting a pixel by clicking on it is a good idea… It’s inconsistent with the way other software handle selections, and selecting a single pixel is rarely desirable, at least for me. When I want a single pixel, I’m usually zoomed in enough that I can click+drag to select it.

@dacap For what it’s worth, the single pixel selection works the same way with both mouse and stylus. Clicking a pixel on the canvas selects it.


I’m actually having this issue too, i use the mouse after hitting q to deselect, but it’s just selecting a single pixel instead of de-selecting…
What even happened to cause this? it was fine…

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Actually it looks like a regression. A single click was deselecting and should keep doing it. Even more, maybe the area to detect a mouse movement could be bigger (it was just one pixel in previous version and it doesn’t work well with styluses).

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We’ll try to release a fix tomorrow for this. I’d prefer to wait some time in case other regression appears, we’ll see.


If it’s a regression, it’s one that crept in a long time ago, because I don’t remember select working any other way in the years I’ve spent with Aseprite D:


Thanks for the input everyone! The thing is, I was using Aseprite just fine with the exact same workflow on the morning of January 10th, and didn’t see any issues. Maybe the recent update auto-ticked some setting I’m unaware of on top of potential regression. Hmm. Anyways, thanks everyone. I should be able to use workarounds fine for now.

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If you are using a stylus, it’s almost impossible to just click (as the shake of the hand will send a mouse movement between the mouse down/up).

We could make that if the mouse doesn’t move a sprite pixel, the deselection is executed, but it might depend on the zoom level (e.g. with a lot of zoom level, maybe we want to just select one pixel if we move the mouse inside the same pixel). Or it might depend on the distance (and time) between the mouse down/up.

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I have include some changes for next release to detect a single click with some margin: