Several suggestions - layers, hue, curve

I love this program a lot, but there are some things I think would really improve the experience.

- Layer in it’s own window rather than on timeline.
So timeline is one window and layer itself. I don’t like the timeline taking up the entire bottom screen just to view layers.

- Hue/Saturation only on current layer, rather than all image or selection.

- Continuous curve tool (not as important. might be cool and good for lineart stuff)

I would love to see these features in the future!

As for layers, at the moment you can at least move it to the left or right side where it might take up less space for you depending on what you’re doing.

You can do Hue/Saturation only on the current layer by clicking the layer before hitting the shortcut. IMO I think the problem is that the program gets locked when you open up the Hue/Saturation window so you can’t click a layer afterwards, but I’ve got a github issue up about that, so you can thumbs up it for visibility if you want.

Also regarding curves, not sure if this is what you mean.