Show small notice on layer

Hello, I would like to suggest the implementation of a small notice in the name area of each layer that indicates if this layer has any annotation.
I don’t know, some note-shaped icon might simply be enough to show the user that the layer has some added information.

Hola, me gustaría sugerir la implementación de un pequeño aviso en la zona del nombre de cada capa que indique si esta capa tiene alguna anotación.
No sé, algún icono en forma de nota podría ser suficiente simpelemente para que muestre al usuario que la capa tiene alguna información añadida.



Ok, I see that the layer adopts the defined color but … honestly I think that the symbol of a note would have been enough, it is more specific.

Ok, ya veo que la capa adopta el color definido pero… sinceramente creo que habría bastado con el simbolo de una nota, es más específico.



Hi there @SynthED! That’s a great idea! Even clicking the icon could show the user data field, and focus the text field, not sure how to do it yet but I’ll see.

P.S. There is a pending change with the user data tooltip which is converting it to something better, e.g. it would be nice that clicking the icon could expand the Layer Properties dialog so the User data and the color are then visible until you click the icon again (so in this way we can reduce the number of clicks and hide this information by default, but if an advanced user turn it on, it can be kept in this way, just like the symmetry icons work in some way).

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