Some colors look kinda different on my phone compared to what i see on PC

I noticed this after i posted one of my drawings on instagram and idk why this happens. Maybe it could be because i sent the artwork to my self on gmail so i can save it on my phone and then post it? (it looks the same on whatsapp as well)
I tried to find out why this happens, i changed my monitor settings as much as i could to match what i see on my phone but it didn’t really do much either. Pls help, i really want my artwork to look nice on all platforms:(

Different screens display colours differently, this is just a fact of life in digital art.

You can minimize differences somewhat by using Aseprite’s built-in colour management and including the colour profile with the file, but most social media sites will discard that information when you upload the image. For that reason, working without colour management can actually give more consistent results. It’s all a mess ):

Ty for answering:) Well, in that case i guess i’ll just have to adapt and make some adjustments to make it look nice on every screen. This probably sounded like a stupid thing to ask but i’m kinda new to pixelart and when i saw that other people didn’t really seem to have this problem i tought that i might be unlucky or something;)) but i compared some of their stuff and the colors are a bit different too but they kinda fit better. Practice makes perfect i guess:)

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