Spoopy skellington

One of my first works in Aseprite, used to be big into pixelart but havn’t really done much since 2009, hopefully more to come though.


I really love the style!

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This artwork really cool! I love this!


Yeah. I know this going on year, but… GREAT use of the CGA palette.

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Time is just a concept :wink:

Thanks, I should work more with retro palettes… and post here more often. This picture was made a few days after I got Aseprite and I’ve used it for over a hundred pictures since.

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You should do a gallery with pictures made with all the CGA/EGA/VGA palettes! That would be amazing. I haven’t seen very much created with those palettes.

That’s cool Can I please use it as a phone background wallpaper?
(on my actual phone not a art phone or something lol)