Starting aseprite kills task 3DxVirtualLCD

I own a 3Dconnexion Spacemouse which features a LCD display. This display usually updates whenever a different window is active to show the available options. A small program called 3DxVirtualLCD manages this behaviour.

However once I open aseprite this task is killed and thus prevents the display from updating its information. Unfortunately I don’t know what exactly causes this. All i know is that it immediately stops when starting aseprite.

Most likely this won’t be an issue many people will encounter, nonetheless it is annoying.

Welcome @Gabs, that’s really strange, in this case I would recommend you to contact the 3dconnexion Spacemouse support team (I’ve found your post here) and check if they can give you some help to find the cause of the problem (maybe they have a crash reporting system where a core dump can help them to find the problem).

Just in case, you could try to disable the wintab, but not sure if they include a wintab dll with their driver (it might be possible).

Hi @dacap, thanks for your reply.

I already tried disabling wintab, but it didn’t help. By running a debugger on the task i found out that some dll inside the .NET framework seems to crash. However I still have no clue why.