Suggestion: Allow run scripts from subfolders

I downloaded the examples scripts using git clone which created a folder inside the the AS scripts folder. But then had to move them to top folder to make them visible. Also had to relaunch AS first.

Would be nice if File > Scripts took into account subfolders to run a script from and without relaunching for new scripts.

Hi @wyattbiker, actually that’s strange, because Aseprite will try to create a hierarchy of menus in File > Scripts depending on the folders/subfolders. When you cloned the Aseprite examples, what name you give to the directory?

Hello, my bad. After I did clone, I neglected to relaunch Aseprite to refresh the scripts menu list from the folder. So I guess thats where my confusion came in and is part of my suggestion: To reread the scripts folder every time you access the scripts menu.

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I think this would cause a lot of unnecessary HD reads, since most people aren’t adding new scripts every time they they check the scripts menu. Instead, I think View > Refresh & Reload Skin should update that menu (it doesn’t seem to currently).

I’d really like an option for this feature, an option to “auto-refresh scripts”. It could be a checkbox deactivated by default to avoid unnecesary HD reads, but it’d be very helpful feature for creating and testing new scripts. I can say that I’ve found myself in need of it more than once :slight_smile:

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I guess that the easiest option would be something like File > Scripts > Reload (Rescan?) Scripts Folder (and maybe F5/Refresh could do the same)


F5 sounds great to me :slight_smile:

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