Surface pro tool issue

I’ve been using aseprite for several months on my surface pro 3 and after the fall creators update can no longer use a selected tool with my stylus unless I double click or start by drawing left or right. has anyone run into this issue?

I’m trying to improve the support for Surface pro for the next release which I hope it will be soon (v1.2.4). Actually only the mouse or trackpad seems to work fine on the Surfaces.

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Good to know it’s being worked on. I’ll try rolling back the windows update and see if the current issue i’m having get resolved.

I can confirm. I have a Surface Book after system update. Pen stroke is not recognized when starting to draw vertically. When starting to draw horizontal it then behaves normally. I am running an old 1.12-dev build of aseprite at the moment.

Sorry for double reply.

I updated my local dev build to the latest and problem is resolved. I did not realize 1.2.4 was completed. Thank you for the support. Also confirmed eraser support as well, something I was looking for.

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