Swap cels

Hi, I want to move cell 1 to cell 2 and cell 2 to cell 1 but when I do cell cell 1 is deleted, it disappears.
How do I put cell 2 in 1 and 1 in two?
Version 1.2.9

Hola, quiero mover la celda 1 a la 2 y que la 2 se ponga en la 1 pero cuando lo hago se borra la celda 1, desaparece.
¿Cómo pongo la celda 1 en la 2 y la 2 en la 1?.
Version 1.2.9


At the moment there is no way to swap cels. You could create a new layer, move cel 1 to the new layer, then move the cel 2 in the 1 original position, and finally move 1 (that is in the new layer) to the original position of cel 2. Finally you can remove the temporal layer (or just keep it for future operation like this one until you don’t need it anymore).

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Thanks, in the end what I did was move the numbers above, although things were modified that I did not want to rectify them and it helped me.

Gracias, al final lo que hice fué mover los números de arriba, aunque se modificaron cosas que no quería las rectifiqué y me sirvió.

I usually create a temporal layer as @dacap suggested, but being able to swap cels would be a nice new feature :slight_smile:

Adding a reference to a GitHub issue just for reference: