Text based tutorials (not video)?

Hello everyone! New to Aseprite! I’ve been looking all over for a few hours now and playing around a bit. But I cannot seem to find any text based tutorials. Lots of videos on YouTube, but I cannot do video based learning! It just doesn’t click for me. I need words and text on the screen!

Any recommendations? I just need basic from the beginnings artistic help!

Are you looking for tutorials about how to do something specific in Aseprite (if so, what?), or general (pixel) art tutorials?

Hi @eishiya. My ultimate goal is to make a character for my husband as his brand for his new streaming account. A little warlock guy. And then sort of go up from there and make lots of stuff for hubby using the same little character I make him.

But I would really like some walk through tutorials first, like, something that would walk me though creating something just to get familiar with the tools. Like a class. Something that says, start with a canvas this size, add these elements using these tools, go to this menu and do this, etc. Showing you how to get to an eventual end product.

My issue is that I lack the understanding and skill to execute what I want in my head. I need some schooling to get there to sort of. I did courses in graphics design 20 years ago but I’m so out of the loop. I also only have a mouse which I found very hard to draw with playing around last night…