The annoying preview window

Hello, I suggest immediately the implementation of a button in the preview window that adapts the window automatically to the zoom level of the same.
That is, the window automatically adapts to the size of the drawing that is previewed in it and at its zoom level.
It is super annoying to have to always be resizing it because in most cases it is too big.

Hola, sugiero inmediatamente la implementación de un botón en la ventana de preview que adapte la ventana automáticamente al nivel de zoom de la misma.
Es decir, la ventana se adapta automáticamente al tamaño del dibujo que en ella se previsualiza y a su nivel de zoom.
Es super molesto tener que estar siempre redimensionandola porque en la mayoría de ocasiones es demasiado grande o demasiado pequeña.

Hello SynthED,

First, I’d like to ask of you to chose better words to make this kind of request, I’m not part of the Dev Team or anything and I feel like you’re demanding something rather than making a suggestion. I’ve been using Aseprite for a while now and can endorse the good will of the DevTeam in resolving issues and getting back at you with the solution.

Second, there’s this feature that while your mouse is hovering the preview window you can press keys “1” to “4” to adjust the zoom on it, and the same can be done to tour viewport, anyhow, I hope to have helped you. :slight_smile:

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