This is my artwork


Well, this is something I made on Aseprite recently.


Also, me and my friends have a Discord channel, and we share all our art there! if you want to share your art with us feel free to visit us. Its all about artists but everyone is welcome:

Note: If this link is breaking any rule, please feel free to delete it. Thank you!








This is a game resource set of weapons.



By the way, I fixed the Discord Link, sorry for the inconvenience


I was wondering why nobody replies to this post :frowning: Do I really suck that bad?



I am quite new to this forum, but the forum looks inactive as hell.
I really like your artwork, especially the weapons, but I think you can improve.
For example:

  • The Pagoda/House has straight vertical lines as walls, I recommend using some dithering there.

  • The cat/bunny with the hat has a face/skin that has only one color, this gives the effect that the hat is so big, that it stops light from even reaching any peach of skin/cloth/face, I recommend adding some extra shading here and there.

  • Most of your artwork uses very flat shading, sometimes to flat, like in the grass of the pagoda.

  • There is quite a lot of banding here and there, like under the grass of the pagoda.

  • Your palettes could use more hueshifting, try this tutorial:, He has a lot of very good tutorials you I recommend watching.

Oh, btw, I also like the way you shaded the roof of the pagoda, and the skirt of the bunny/cat.

:1234:Here is a general tutorial to understand what I mean:

:desktop_computer:Here is a discord server I recommend you join for extra feedback:

Keep it up!:smiley::+1:


Well, thank you, is just that I found out my style, I may evolve it thru time, but all those things like “banding” or doing things right or wrong, are not for me, I dont want to be just another person following everyone else’s steps. I just want to polish my very own style, as many painters do.



All these can be found on my Discord server, and you can freely use them, my slime emojis are Public Domain :wink:


Generally there is no much movement here :cry: this site is more for questions/help/feature requests/bug report etc. You can try the Aseprite Discord server to share your artwork :+1:


Thank you. I never imagined you had a Discord server.


I actually love your artwork, but am no good at art, any pointers?


Keep trying, practice tiny things at first, then bigger ones, and always try different stuff, you will find one you are great at and then practice it until you get super good at it, and keep working. If you like making original art, try it and dont let people to tell you what is right and what is wrong, but if you like copying other people’s style, do your best to perfect it. Dont give up if you love it :two_hearts:


Here is my Ninja tools set.



I recommend the pixelart or gamedevclassifieds subreddit.


Wizard of Oz characters - The original Dorothy + Anime companions.