Trial version save

please asperite can you make the trial version able to save. i cant buy the full version cuz in algeria there is no way to pay you till im 18 and i cant wait till that time. plz at least make it able to save

The inability to save is the major (if not only) limitation of the trial, so it’s not realistic to add that ability without significant changes to other aspects of the trial.

If you cannot buy Aseprite, consider compiling it yourself. It’s quite a bit of work, but it’s free, and there are many threads on this forum to help guide you through the issues you might encounter.

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There is actually a sort-of-trial-version-that-can-save. It’s called Libresprite, and it’s a fork of the last version of Aseprite before its licensing change. You can download it here: Downloads – LibreSprite (linking to the official download, because there are a lot of shady-looking 3rd party websites hosting downloads for it) (hope this doesn’t count as promoting a 3rd party tool, since it’s literally a 4 year old version of Aseprite :D)

Granted, it is not as feature-rich as the current version of Aseprite (it is to be expected, it’s a far older version), but I think it fills the role of a trial version far better than the current trial version, I used to use it before buying aseprite.

Your other option, as eishiya said, would be to build Aseprite from the source. It requires some tech-savvy know-how, but there are youtube tutorials that you could follow and if you run into a problem, you can ask in Aseprite’s discord - there is a channel dedicated to “compilation problems”.

is the last aseprite version suitble for 32 bits computers or not and if not what is the last suitble version???

EDIT: Also considering your other post “is it compatible with 32 bit systems”, if the trial works, then so should the full version. Libresprite also supports 32 bit systems.

do you do not have steam in algeria?, if yes you could just tell make an adult to buy for you.