Two short animation loops I made using aseprite

I exported them at 1000%, as they are 16x. I am curious to know what people think about the flowers in particular, I think that the second version is too jittery and complicated, and prefer the simpler one.


Flower 1:

Flower 2:
same url as above, but “3” instead of 2. I’m limited to two links :innocent:

I would love to know what people think, thanks!


My suggestion is that you use the preview window and zoom out to try to see what looks natural on speed and looks. From my eye I think the flower’s wind looks a bit to fast when moving to the left and should probably be held for a bit if its really that strong. I would also block out the flower with plain colors first then just make a pallete gradient from bottom or left (Darkest) to the right or top (Brightest) Really creative animations though!

These are great! Jack really has a lot of personality.

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Thanks for the feedback! I should use the preview more, and I was trying to capture multiple parts of the long leaf tulips have with the different values. Probably a bit ambitious for 16x. I will try blocking out the next ones, I want to make a few variants, they are to help show the wind in a larger animation.

Cool, good luck!