Weird colors popping up in gif? what am I doing wrong?

why is my gif like this??? Ive been so confused??

To note: It doesn’t look like this until I upload it to a site. So I have to upload my file to a site to see if I did anything wrong. And it seems like it has??

Anyone that can help me, thank you.

And how it should originally look?

Just like the gif, but with out the purple flashing through the car / sidewalk.
Right after I posted this I found a thread about how you can’t have more than 256 colors in a gif. And I think that might be the issue.

I tried to download it and changed color on one particular frame where the color of sidewalk is flashing and it saved ok. Imgur: The magic of the Internet isn’t it just mistake of colors at that one particular frame you maybe forgot about? Same could be done with a car

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Thanks! That’s weird. In my program it doesn’t show me the frame it does that. It looks normal actually. But only when I would upload, it would do that. Thanks again.

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One more thing if you don’t mind! What if I couldn’t see the purple in any of those frames :v ? is something wrong my my version? I spent so long trying to fix what was going on, and knowing that it was a simple filling color is a bummer.

I am not sure about that I don’t have your .ase file but when I download the gif from imgur I have 255 colors in a palette. As you said gif can’t have more than 256 which is true from wiki so maybe trying to lower the number and try save it again? But that’s only a guess I always thought that gif with more colors will not even allow you to save it but that can be wrong. Otherwise I use latest release from github.

Hi @rosaline, as you saw the problem is related with the number of colors (special layer blending modes can cause a multiplication of colors too, so exporting an .ase to a .gif can be tricky in these cases).

If you need some answer about your specific .ase file and you cannot share it in this forum, you can send me it privately to and discuss there what is wrong with your specific file. (Include the version of Aseprite that you are using too)