What colorpalette to use for Pygame?

I’m a newbie to Aseprite so I don’t even know if I’m asking the correct question :grinning:
If I open Aseprite and load an old sprite I made, you can set the game color palette.
The default setting is A64
I started making a game in Pygame on Windows but cannot find a color palette for it in Aseprite. Is there anyone who havs experience with Aseprite for use with Pygame? What color palette should I use?

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hi, DoubleG!
i don’t have experience with pygame at all, but i glanced over color object and it seemslike it can handle anything you throw at it (unlike - for instance - gb studio, which does require use of specific palette).
so, what you probably should start with is a mockup and just use whatever colour scheme you want.
depending on your experience you might want to choose small palette - something like some game boy palette variation - since those are (most of the time) easier to work with.

Ok, thanks. I will try that.

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