What does this notice mean?

Version 1.2.10 beta 4

Hello, this notice appears to me when opening a file with the extension “aseprite”.

The file opens up well but I get the notice what does it mean ?.

Hola, este aviso me aparece al abrir un archivo con extensión “aseprite”.

El archivo se me abre bien pero me aparece el aviso ¿qué significa?.


Hi @SynthED, sorry for the cryptic error message :grimacing:

Warning: Unsupported chunk type 8199 (skipping) means that the .aseprite file that you have just open was saved with Aseprite v1.2.10-beta and contains a color profile inside (maybe just sRGB which is the default configuration) and you have loaded the .aseprite file with Aseprite v1.2.9.

I have plans to improve these error messages, but I’m not sure how to do it: The main issue is that future chunks are unknown in older versions (e.g. in this case, when we launched v1.2.9 we didn’t know that we were going to add the color profiles info inside the file). One possibility would be to add a link for help that search the error string in this forum for the error message.

Ok, I saved the file with version 1.2.10 beta 4 and the warning no longer appears.
Thanks for the info.